Amazonia Foundation

2002 – Yanomami Medical Outreach in Venezuela

In January 2002, Michael Stuart represented the Amazonia Foundation, as part of an international, medical relief expedition to Yanomami Indian villages in Venezuela’s Amazon rainforest. The purpose of the expedition was to bring badly needed medical support to tribes still suffering from a 14-year epidemic of malaria, hepatitis, and River Blindness. For this expedition the Amazonia Foundations Michael Stuart Ani was made an official observer for the Venezuelan government relating to health and cultural issues between international doctors, outreach organizations, missionaries and the Yanomami tribe of the region.

Reports were filed on this expedition about the highly unethical activities of the New Tribes Mission. They related directly to specific instances of cultural genocide and ongoing extreme sexual abuse of Indian children. It led to the removal of all the evangelist and Mormon missionaries involved from the country of Venezuela.

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