Amazonia Foundation

Future Field Work Beyond Rosebud

Through the Ceremony House and hard work of Medicine Bundle Keeper Roy Stone Sr. a revival of the Native American belief system is taking place. The Ceremony House offers a place where tribal members from all across the United States come to learn Native American Traditional healing and ceremonies from one of the very last knowledgeable elders alive today.

Top medical officials of the State of South Dakota have recognized Roy Stone Sr. incredible record of healing patients with deadly diseases such as cancer. It is the Amazonia Foundation’s honor to help Medicine Bundle Keeper Roy Stone’s gift to all humanity.

The Amazonia Foundation has realized that Roy Stone is a key aid to fighting against the terrible Methamphetamine problem on the Native American reservations in the United States. The problem is so severe sometimes seven out of ten juveniles between 12 and 20 are addicted. By financing projects that bring young Native Americans to live and learn from one of the last daily ceremonial places on the reservation, we have assisted in giving childrenĀ  pride in who they are andĀ  hope for the future.

The Amazonia Foundations charter applies to field work, but it also has an educational aspect. We are now working with the Lakota Sioux, Hopi, Navajo and Jicarilla Apache to bring new educational material and literature to the reservations that portrays an honest and positive view of their cultural relating to what is happening in the world today.

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