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GOING HOME – The Documentary

The Catalina Island Conservancy and the Amazonia Foundation’s joint project to document the Buffalo Repatriation were realized in the documentary film directed by Michael Stuart Ani, Going Home. It is featured at the Catalina Island’s Greeting Center and is viewed by over a million people a year.

Building A Ceremony House

In 2005, Volunteer Network International and the Amazonia Foundation non-profit organizations began the construction of a large Ceremony House on the Rosebud Lakota Reservation. Under the guidance of Lakota elder and Medicine Bundle Keeper, Roy Stone Sr. the house will serve the traditional community and all their relations.

In 1890 all Indian religious ceremonies were outlawed in the United States until 1978. This is the first large ceremony house on Rosebud since their religion was outlawed 113 years ago.

JUNE 2006, The Ceremony House was completed.

Health Clinics on Rosebud Reservation

September 2005, Volunteer Network International and the Amazonia Foundation launched two medical relief clinics on the Rosebud Reservation. A staff of 14 volunteer doctors and health workers paid their own way to provide badly needed health care to the Lakota people. Many of the patients who came to the optometry clinic had been without glasses for over five years. Hundreds of pairs of prescription glasses were given out with the help of Indian Health Services.

At the same time, other doctors led by Flora Johnson MD and health workers ran a general health and diabetes clinic with Indian Health Services. We learned a great deal about the acute health issues among the Lakota and how diet has played a large roll in creating them. The average life expectancy on Rosebud reservation is 51.